Our carefully thought out process will ensure your projects success
  1. 1. Getting to Know You
    We will sit down with you and take time to understand the scope of your project and listen to what is important to you. This will allow us to prepare a free custom quote for you. You will be introduced to our product lines you will see and feel their quality.
  2. 2. Initial Quote
    Your quote will be ready as early as 24 hours from our introductions. Several product lines will be quoted to allow you to determine which custom cabinet line is best for you. These quotes will include a 3D rendering of your project that will help you visualize your new space.
  3. 3. Custom Design
    Once you have chosen the product line that speaks to you, our design team will take you through each aspect of the design.
  4. 4. Production
    Your custom cabinets will be manufactured using the best technology with the hand finished detail you expect. They will be brought to your door steps as quick as 4 weeks from order placement.
  5. 5. Installation
    Your cabinets will be installed by our specially selected finish carpenters which will make the installation of your new cabinets a stress free experience.
  6. 6. Quality Guarantee
    No project is complete until our team has carefully reviewed each aspect of the project and meet your and our high standards. Your cabinets carry a lifetime guarantee.